• Empowering Organizations

    Technical assistance (TA) is the quintessential catch-all term. But, the Social Change team thinks of TA as not just teaching organizations how to fish, but also going with
    them on the trip to make sure they actually catch something.

    Examples of areas where we provide technical assistance are below:

    Policy Research

    • Researching relevant law
    • Compiling data relating to a phenomenon
    • Comparing similar measures or efforts in other states or countries
    • Drafting memos articulating findings


    • Reaching out to stakeholders regarding an issue
    • Convening those most affected to discuss both problems and solutions
    • Following up and maintaining communication between stakeholders to assure progress

    Public Education

    • Create fact sheets chronicling issue & solution
    • Communicate merits of issue via social media, radio and print media
    • Educate decision-makers on issue