• Social Change =

    1) An impact accelerator that provides organizations with the short-term & long-haul assistance needed for them to realize their goals

    2) A leader in the fight against poverty and violence

    3) A truth-teller that showcases injustice via film so people can see and feel injustices & feel compelled to join the fight to address them

  • The Social Change Story

    5 years ago, Todd Belcore and Emile Cambry, Jr. formed the Chicago Int'l Social Change Film Festival (CISCFF) as a vehicle to ensure that untold stories of injustice were heard and addressed.

    Despite the success of the film festival in increasing exposure and attention to the injustices endured by too many across the world, organizations, filmmakers, and person-after-person told us that wasn't enough. They needed assistance turning years of conversations and meetings about problems into solutions and concrete change.

    In response, we developed the expertise necessary to do just that; and created Social Change. In that way, Social Change doesn't just serve as a truth-teller via film, it also serves as the vehicle that assists organizations, filmmakers, and others concerned, in coming together and actually addressing the issues in the films.

  • Leadership

    Todd Belcore

    Executive Director

    Lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School

    Honors Received:

    Received 18 honors and awards, including the:

    What Todd Has Done:
    • Trained over 1,000 lawyers, service providers, community members and advocates nationwide
    • Provided legal assistance to over 1,000 men and women
    • Led or assisted in the effort to pass 12 critical measures in the IL, including: 

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    Emile Cambry


    CEO of Blue1647 | Filmmaker
    Social Entrepreneur


    Honors Received:

    Received over 30 honors and awards, including the:

    What Emile Has Done:

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    Phil Jones

    Film Selection Director

    Senior Financial Analyst
    at Northern Trust


    What Phil Has Done:

    • Oversee over a hundred volunteers undertaking various service activities
    • Correspond with hundreds of filmmakers and change-makers from across the world regarding their work and the Social Change Festival
    • Screen over 3,000 hours of films 
    • Recruit members for the film selection committee and oversee the film selection process


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  • Board Members

    Audra Wilson, Esq.

    District Chief of Staff at U.S. Congresswoman Robin Kelly, IL-02

    Juan Gabriel Moreno

    President | Founder JGMA

    Josina Morita

    Principal at JM Consulting

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    Kim du Buclet

    Director of Legislative and Community Affairs at Chicago Park District