• The community has spoken. Now what?
    #NoMoreMeetings #ItsTimeToAct








    The Liberty Projects fights to
    ensure that the community's
    voice is reflected in the
    following policy areas:

  • Police & Community Relations

    • Allow people who have turned their lives around to serve their communities as officers
    • Update use of force policies & de-escalation protocols to prioritize preserving life
    • Fully fund policing efforts that have significant community participation
    • Stiffen penalties for falsified police reports
    • Protect officers who root out bad apples
    • Preserve complaint records

    Sentencing Reform

    • Give judges the discretion to give appropriate sentences (vs. mandatory minimums and enhancements)
    • Allow re-sentencing for those who were given unduly harsh sentences for offenses that now only yield a ticket or probation
    • People with no intent to do harm should not be treated the same as those who do

    Decriminalize Poverty

    • Provide free electronic monitoring for those who cannot afford bail and are not a danger to the public
    • Stop arresting hard-working people who simply don't have enough money to pay unpaid tickets (that lead to a licenses suspension) or child support
    • Make traffic court an administrative court & use the money saved to fund workforce development programs so people can work.