• What We've Done. . .

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    Teach EVERYONE 21st Century Tech Skills via BLUE1647

    The best way to break the cycle of poverty, prison and violence is to give people a real alternative. We do that through BLUE1647 by providing all interested, not just those who can afford it, with the training needed to get the well-paying jobs of today and tomorrow.


    So far, this effort has:

    • Transformed over a dozen communities worldwide by providing 21st century tech training to over 16,000 students 
    • Served those who are often ignored or priced out by others who provide tech training - with 95% of those served being at-risk youth, seniors, minorities and others underrepresented in tech
    • Helped trainees do everything from start their own businesses and become fully-employed at top tech firms to become scholarship recipients or even tech trainers themselves at BLUE
    • Launched a crowdfunding, rewards-based platform called Blue Fund Rewards to help entrepreneurs obtain the funds necessary to turn their ideas, skills, and work-ethic into a business

    Help Others Better Advocate for Themselves & Others

    Training alone isn't enough if people still face legal barriers and discrimination. That's why we also help people:

    1. Know their rights;
    2. Learn how to pursue any available legal remedies when being discriminated against because of past mistakes; 
    3. Acquire the legal assistance or other resources to help them follow-through on their legal, educational, or employment goals; and,
    4. Garner the advocacy skills necessary for them to overcome those barriers.

    To this end, to date Social Change members have:

    • Hosted more than 50 such legal seminars throughout IL and beyond
    • Trained more than 1,000 people have received the training to date
    • Helped more than 1,000 access needed legal assistance and other resources
    • Trained individuals hailing from instituations and organizations such as the National Legal Aid & Defense Association, Community Assistance Program, Employer & Employee Services, Safer Foundation, University of Chicago Law School, and Northwestern Law School

    Policy Advocacy

    Our conversations with community members nationwide regarding the issues and hardships they endure do now fall on deaf ears. When a systemic issues arises that we can assist in addressing, we do.

    So far, we've introduced, advocated for, led or assisted in the effort to pass over 20 critical pieces of legislation in several jurisdictions nationwide.

    The follow are examples of successful such efforts:

  • How We Continue That Work On The Individual and
    Organizational Level via #TheLibertyProject


    #TeachPeopleHowToFish #CreateAnEcosystem #Sustainability

    21st Century Tech Skills brought to you by BLUE1647

    The best way to break the cycle of poverty, prison and violence is to give people a real alternative. Our youth already love technology, why not build on that and teach them the skills needed to get the well-paying jobs of today and tomorrow?

    #TheLibertyProject, via BLUE1647, does exactly that.


    Relevant data:

    • More than 10,000 men, women, and youth trained
    • 95% of those served are underrepresented in tech
    • Exciting outcomes range from trainees becoming trainers and fully-employed at firms to receiving scholarships and starting their own businesses

    Know Your Rights & Criminal Record Legal Remedy Seminars

    Training alone isn't enough if people still face legal barriers and discrimination. That's why members of the Social Change team also provide the materials and training necessary to know their rights and pursue the legal remedies necessary to avoid being denied opportunities simply because of past mistakes.


    Relevant data:

    • More than 50 seminars have been held throughout the state
    • More than 1,000 people have received the training to date
    • More than 1,000 have received necessary legal assistance

    Service & Advocacy

    Empowerment isn't about giving anyone anything, it's about helping people realize the power they already have.

    Via #TheLibertyProject, participants also are given the space and resources to:

    1. Call out injustices,
    2. Develop a plan to address them; and,
    3. Take the steps necessary to right those wrongs.

    This can mean anything from having a food and clothing drive to feed those who are without to developing and advocating for alternatives to the policies responsible people for being without food and clothes in the first place.

    Film & Fun

    The revolution will be televised. . .

    The journey to finding and harnessing one's voice is inspiring. . .and fun.

    So, #TheLibertyProject also provides the basic film training necessary for people to document their story, their growth, and their liberation.


    For those who are comfortable, they can share their films via social media and/or have their films considered for screening at the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival; for others, the film produced will serve as a resource to help remind them of how far they've come. . .and far they can go.

  • Organizations

    Technical assistance (TA) is the quintessential catch-all term. But, the Social Change team thinks of TA as not just teaching organizations how to fish, but also going with
    them on the trip to make sure they actually catch something.

    Examples of areas where we provide technical assistance are below:

    Policy Research

    • Researching relevant law
    • Compiling data relating to a phenomenon
    • Comparing similar measures or efforts in other states or countries
    • Drafting memos articulating findings


    • Reaching out to stakeholders regarding an issue
    • Convening those most affected to discuss both problems and solutions
    • Following up and maintaining communication between stakeholders to assure progress

    Public Education

    • Create fact sheets chronicling issue & solution
    • Communicate merits of issue via social media, radio and print media
    • Educate decision-makers on issue
  • Does your organization need technical assistance?

    Or, would you like to volunteer to help create Social Change?

    If the answer to either question is yes, let the Social Change submit your name, e-mail and suggestion below!