The community has spoken. The time for justice reform & police accountability is now.

    The Liberty Project was formed to aid in efforts to
    turn problems & ideas into concrete change.

    -The Liberty Project

  • Police Accountability


    • Clearer policies on when body cams can be turned off.
    • Clearer policies on how police are to ensure cams are functioning.
    • Transparency needed in the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) contract negotiating process
    • Permanent access to police records


    • A set, unalterable amount in the budget for the entity tasked with disciplining officers
    • Community voices must be represented and have meaningful input over outcomes of discipling investingation s & key FOP contract provisions.
    • Training, hiring, promoting and deploying officers to reflect and embrace the unique diversity of the communities they serve (e.g. more diverse officers in diverse communities, bias training, deploying more experienced officers to hardest beats)
    • Better support and fund community Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) so community issues are resolved promptly.
    • Permit community members to decide to place higher tech cams in places with more shootings that can id shooters to aid in improving the 28% success rate in murder investigations.


    Clearer, more appropriate discipline for:

    • Retaliating against police whistleblowing police officers.
    • Body cam malfunctions.
    • Misrepresentations on police reports.
    • Intimidating civilians who register complaints (and requiring no affidavit to do so).
    • More precise standards for when use of lethal force is appropriate (e.g. not when individual's back is turned, unarmed, in a submissive position or hold, etc.)
    • Greater range of authority for Civilian Office onPolice Accountability (COPA) to investigate complaints of all kinds.