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The CISCFF values the quality of films over the quantity of them that are entered into our film festival. While we want to bring awareness to as many social issues as possible through the power of film, we take the time to carefully select creative, well-produced films that borrow deeply within the issue in order to produce a solution to the problem.

We are providing a forum in which the power of film can encourage positive social action.

We invite you to become a sponsor to help the filmmakers, as well as us, reach as many individuals as possible. The filmmakers make their films to target a specific audience, whether that audience is political or everyday people looking to make a difference in the world.

We feature our sponsors by giving the recognition that is deserved because without the proper funding, the film festival cannot be possible. With the proper funding, we are able to assist filmmakers in telling stories that initiate change within society.

Why Sponsor CISCFF?

  • We have a broad audience
  • Our reach is on an international level
  • Films target policy makers and other individuals able to make a significant difference
  • Our audience takes what they learned from the festival back to their own communities
  • The event educates and provides an avenue for filmmaking that is environmentally sustainable
  • A truly cultural experience

Where Does Your Money Go?

  • The event itself
  • Venues
  • Honorees
  • Programs
  • Funding the CISCFF Grant that funds one filmmaker’s film
  • Education

Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • International exposure at both the festival and in the media
  • VIP passes
  • Signage display
  • Inclusion in press releases
  • Inclusion in social media activities
  • Retail promotion opportunities
  • Exclusive privileges

Who is Our Audience?

Our audience includes community leaders, active media consumers, policy makers, and
others involved in the entertainment industry. Filmmakers are able to encourage change,
but they can also be noticed by top film executives. This allows the event to serve
purposes involving the worldwide community and the well-being of the independent