Mission Statement

Provide a forum for films that heighten public consciousness and provide support for their production.

The Chicago International Social Change Film Festival aims to encourage and support the work of independent filmmakers from all around the world. The filmmaker is able to promote their product as a valuable contribution to the understanding of social change.
In other words, the independent film is a tool toward better world understanding of the issues facing society today and how to change them.

Our goals are to:

  • Give a voice and exposure to issues that are relevant to our communities.

  • Foster discourse regarding the social issues.

  • Increase the profile of films and filmmakers who produce films that promote social change.

  • Provide a unique way for companies to show their support for communities and the arts.

  • Create a forum where unconnected networks can be leveraged to increase positive exposure and expand the brand recognition of all parties.
The film festival presents an opportunity for the audience and the filmmakers to have productive dialog in a film forum designed to heighten public consciousness. Another goal is to have a cultural platform on the international level so that the audience is able to
screen feature-length, short films, documentary, and student works.