The Film Festival

The CISCFF event is one that is innovative and unique. It encourages dialog between the filmmakers and the audience, as well as the audience establishing dialog with others outside of the event in order to address social issues. The event is also:

  • A launching pad for the social change film
  • A place where activists can come together and make something happen
  • Facilitates life changing experiences
  • An event that is put together by a group of experts dedicated to building a more olid, generous, and accepting global community

Many of the individuals that attend the film festival include film enthusiasts, those aready working within the film industry, thought leaders, entertainment executives, social organization leaders, social activists, writers, and individuals simply interested in facilitating change.

The reach of CISCFF is very far, but the work of the filmmakers is what makes verything possible. The films that are screened during the festival are chosen to ensure that they adhere to the purpose that CISCFF serves.