High School Program

What is the CISCFF High School Program Event?

The CISCFF High School Program seeks to engage passionate high school students to partake in a dynamic two-day event (September 8th and September 22nd), where students discuss social change on the first day, and create a social change film during the second day. The films will then be screened at the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival. CISCFF is seeking students interested in applying for the High School Program Event. The concept of this event is to show students the power of film and art as a means to drive social change and give students new tools and knowledge. For more information please email ciscff@chicagosocialchange.org. No prior experience necessary. We are looking for passionate students who want to take as much out of this event as possible.

Deadline to apply: August 1st

Join the Student Advisory Board!

The CISCFF Student Advisory Board is an incredible leadership opportunity for incoming to graduating high school students to contribute to something bigger. Members of the Student Advisory Board during the summer meet every other week at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago to discuss the progress of the CISCFF High School Program event. These students will divide into various committees that focus on Themes/Speakers, Workshops/Competitions, and the Youth Festival Structure. They will work with professionals instructing the workshops to develop an engaging two-day event that will excite student interest in film and social change. In the process, the students will get to meet other high school students in the Chicago-land area and have a strong voice and leadership in the development of this program. For those unable to attend the meetings in person, you can participate remotely through Video Chat.

Deadline to apply: June 1st

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